Lessons with Steve

Steve is an experienced drummer well versed in rock, blues, country, jazz, latin and funk.

He teaches students of all ages (5 to 80), from beginners through intermediate/advanced levels at his custom-built, acoustically-tuned and soundproof studio in Napa.

Two great sounding pro drum sets set side-by-side are used for lessons that are inspiring to play. Steve thoughtfully tailors his teaching to the needs and aspirations of of each student. Taking the time to talk about their preferred musical styles and what drumming goals they may have in mind.

For those approaching the drums for the very first time, Steve has had great success in quickly developing the basic skills and coordination to play the drum set. He has an extensive library of books and DVDs covering technique, coordination, and various styles from which you can draw. Through the use of a variety of play-along CDs, students can’t help to feel the excitement of playing with a band and learn new styles or improve on the ones you already like!

Steve thoroughly enjoys passing on his thirty plus years of live performance experience to his budding students. So whether a drummer wants to play drums as a hobby or concentrate on specific styles or advanced techniques, Steve will enthusiastically guide them along to achieve their personal goals while having a lot of fun in the process!!!

Here’s Briana performing with professional musicians at a Live Band Clinic…


Call for Scheduling & Rates

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Registration Fee Required!

The Times

Private lessons can be scheduled in 30, 45 or 60 minute time slots. A lesson plan will be formulated to meet your specific level, musical interests and goals.

What You Learn

Proper hand technique including Rudiments and Accents for Drumline and drumset, note reading and writing your own charts, basic to advanced independent coordination, basic to advanced Rock / Funk / Jazz / Latin beats with single or double bass drum, simple to complex fills, linear funk and beat shifting, metric modulation, playing with a click track, brush technique, Cajon technique, creating your own style, drumset tuning/setup and much more.

You will be coached in learning how to play with a band and have the opportunities to play songs with experienced musicians at Live Band Clinics.

Watch the video at left to see what my Live Band Clinics are like. Then give a call or contact me to set up your lessons.