Steve Trovao playing cajon

Steve has a variety of pro-level and student level drum kits available for rent on a short or long-term basis. Many different configurations are available – snares, toms, kick(s) and all hardware included –and can be customized to fit your playing needs. Below are a few of the combinations available. Give me a call to get your kit or talk about what you’d like to do…

We pay special attention to each client’s specification for head selection, tuning and cymbals.

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Complete Drum Kits

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Snare Drums

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Cymbals / Percussion


Ride Cymbals

Steve Trovao Drums: Cymbals for Rent
  • 20″ Paiste 2002 Power
  • 20″ K. Custom Dry
  • 20″ K. Custom Medium
  • 20″ K. Constantinople
  • 20″ Paiste bright ride
  • 20″ UFIP Bionic

Crash Cymbals

  • 18″ HHX Sabian Extreme
  • 18″ Sabian el Sabor
  • 18″ Paiste Signature Fast Crash
  • 17″ Paiste Signature Fast Crash
  • 15″ Paiste Signature Fast Crash
  • 16″ HHX Sabian Explosion
  • 14″ Paiste Fast Crash
  • 18″ UFIP China
  • 16″ Sabian AAX fast crash
  • 10″, 8″, 6″, classic series splashes UFIP


  • 13″ A. Zildjian Mastersound Top/Bottom
  • 14″ Sabian Sizzle Hats
  • 14″ Paiste 2002 Sound Edge Top
  • 14″ Signed K. Top
  • 14″ A. Zildjian Quickbeat Bottom
  • 14″ Zildjian K Custom Dark Hats

Auxiliary Percussion

Steve Trovao Percussion Rentals

Assorted cowbells, vibraslaps, tambourines, claves, cajon, timbales, guerro, shakers, triangles are available to rent.

“It has been a pleasure working with Steve Trovao Drums here at the Napa Valley Opera House.  We are very serious about providing our visiting musicians with an excellent environment to play in and they respond by giving us unforgettable performances.  The quality of the gear and Steve’s expertise are evident in every show that he helps support.  Our artists love playing on Steve’s drums, particularly the vintage Gretsch kit, and I look forward to many more great nights!”

~ Jon Richardson, Technical Director of the Napa Valley Opera House

Student Drum Set Rentals

Student Drum Set Rentals by Steve Trovao Drums

Just starting out, but don’t have the funds to buy your own drum kit yet? Steve has complete student-level drum sets to rent on a short or long-term basis. These sets are perfect for beginner to intermediate drummers and come complete with all drums, hardware and throne (stool). Everything you need to get going and get groovin’!

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