What the Students Have to Say…

“My 8yr. old son has progressed so much in just one year! Steve is very patient and encouraging. My son loves his lessons.”

My wife and I have been taking lessons for three years, and along with being an excellent teacher, the range of musical styles in drumming he is familiar with is outstanding. His lessons are a lot of fun and his patience is limitless.

Steve is an excellent teacher. I’ve been taking lesson for quite sometime now and still learn new material from him. He’s a very reliable teacher and very versatile when it comes to styles of drumming.

Steve is awesome and entertaining – so says my son Andrew (12yrs) who has been his student for almost three years. He takes the time to work at his students level, while pushing them to get better.

What you get with Steve is a special combination of an intuitive, passionate approach to the drums, based on a well-schooled technical and formal command of music theory as regards the instrument. As well, Steve has a supportive and nonjudgmental manner that sacrifices neither rigor nor attention to detail. It is the “best of both worlds” in my opinion. I enjoy my time with him immensely.

After working with audio & being around bands all my life I realized right off that Steve has an awesome studio & is a very accomplished drummer! Though I had never played drums or learned to read music, Steve makes it easy to understand no matter what your learning style or skill level. He always stresses & makes sure to have fun while learning & practicing. The opportunity he gives his students, to experience playing with a live band, highlights real life goals & was very motivating. I definitely wish I wouldn’t have waited so long!

I have Been taking lessons for about a year and a half now, and am having the time of my life. I’m learning the blues.

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